Dear CO 21

Guys! It has been a great journey with you guys. This journey has been totally amazing! We’ve been through lots of ups and down as a class. Time went by fast as a lightning and to be honest I am not ready to leave you guys. 😦 Hope you guys will have a great newContinue reading “Dear CO 21”


Something that really stood out in the discussion is the word “grace”. I think this is a concept that the book wants us to understand. It shows the idealistic side of possibility that if we are able to recreate in the real world, we will be more happily. As discussed that to forgive someone thatContinue reading “IDEAL”


Poverty has been an issued that is always there in our world but it never seems like it is going away. We actually encounter poverty everyday but I think one major problem is that people tend to point it out and comments about it but none ever put time and effort to take actions againstContinue reading “Poverty”

For others

I have visited many countries in my life and I think one thing that they all have in common is the wealth gap. I have see that every countries have wealth gap whether it is big or small. What comes after that is homeless people with no opportunities. I think there should be action thatContinue reading “For others”

Let’s travel!

Travelling for me is very important and actually essential. To me, travelling helps you expand your understanding of the world and how people lives together in a society. I think this diversify many views in culture and so we could really learn a lot from visiting places that may not have the same living lifestyleContinue reading “Let’s travel!”

Night lights

It was night time as I am walking around a busy streets. Lots of people keeps bumping me around and I have to really be aware of the traffic here. Cars are everywhere and it seems to be very busy. There are lots of street foods and they smell so good. Many people are takingContinue reading “Night lights”


Nectar In A Sieve about HOPE I think in Nectar in a Sieve hope is the only powerful will that keeps these people alive. As we see through out that everyday is very unpredictable. You might one day gain a lot and suddenly everything just collide the next day. The only thing that can driveContinue reading “HOPE”


I feel like personally one thing I learned from history about nationalism is that to not copy what is wrong and continue doing what I feel like is good. Basically history act to me as a lesson. I feel like this is very important because by having these history I now can improve and beContinue reading “Nationalism”

War of Ideas

I think in this world there are nothing really absolute. In this scenario the idea of having modern view and progressive view is also the same. To have a modern view mean you stick to the modern day and the view occur based on what is happening today which most of the time is aContinue reading “War of Ideas”


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