Childhood Rebellion

You know… back in the day I use to be this bully. So for me personally I don’t think teenage rebellion is avoidable. To be exact… I think it’s a huge part of growing. Without teenage rebellion you will never know how to act properly and socialise. It’s almost like you want to know howContinue reading “Childhood Rebellion”

Culture and Morality

I think most moral is defined by our own culture and there are only some obvious one that can be called “universal.” For me I think culture plays a huge role in defining moral because if the culture says that it’s wrong and no one in the society does it, it almost automatically shapes yourContinue reading “Culture and Morality”

Human Rights

Human rights has been a topic that people had been overlooked for a long time and now that problems are rising I see lots of people starting to stand up for it. Before we get to all that, what actually is human rights? I think the easiest way is to say that it is theContinue reading “Human Rights”

The sunset

A peaceful sunset, As waves constantly crashing, full of ambient noises.

East Asian Poetry

“The Old Pond” by Matsuo Bashō An old silent pond A frog jumps into the pond— Splash! Silence again. A traditional haiku poem by Matsuo Bashō. This is a poem that tries to imitate the surrounding and the season at the time the author is writing this poem. Matsuo Bashō is one of the fourContinue reading “East Asian Poetry”

Senior year…

High school life is coming to an end. It is much different than what I had imagined my senior life to be. Time goes by as fast as a blink of an eye as if yesterday I was still a freshmen. Through out my high school life, I expect senior year to be the yearContinue reading “Senior year…”

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